Jay Ouellet’s Moon photo has gone mega-viral

jays pic.jpg
Photo: by Shirley Nadeau

No bones about it... a chiropractor by day, Jay Ouellet practises his astronomical photography craft by night.

The photo of the conjuncture of the Moon with Venus and Mars over Quebec City featured by the QCT on the front page of the February 25, 2015, issue has gone mega-viral. The photo, taken by Jay Ouellet, was the Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) on the U.S.

His family background also includes his brother, Gary Ouellet, who after leaving the political scene in Canada followed his passion for all things "magical" - a passion he develop as a young lad. His first magic shows were in the basement of the William Street home. He became a renown producer of magic shows in the USA. Josie (known as Tootsie) could be proud of her accomplished sons!
Gary died in 2002.