Irish Heritage Quebec Invitation

picture-1.gifI have been invited to speak at the next meeting of Irish Heritage Quebec on the evenning of Dec 3 at 7pm. I am honored and look forward to seeing as many of the English community in Quebec City at the event.

I have a very special connection to the Irish, which I will explain in more detail at the talk, so hope to see you there.

Some of the topics I will talk about include a little personal background and why I choose the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph as an opportunity.

Also, I will talk a little about the newspaper industry and how it has affected publishers across the world and especially with the oldest newspaper in North America.

Lastly, I will introduce the new technology we have in place for the newspaper on the internet and how it can revitalize English news in the city and also bring the community together in one place. I will also go over how to use the new website so come on out and learn how this new technology can help your organization or business.

Hope to see you there.