“Irish for a Day”: Quebec City’s St. Patrick’s Parade, Part II

photo equipe rep_defile2012.jpg
Photo: Photo courtesy of Le Défilé de la St-Patrick de Québec

The team of La Défilé de la St-Patrick de Québec: (back row) Jean-Paul Schmouth*, Marie-Gabrielle Cannon, Dan O'Dowd*, President Peter Farrell*, Marie-Michèle Côté*, John Pape*; (front row) Julie Chênevert, Conrad Castailloux*, Catherine McKenna*, Laura-Lee Bolger*, Vicky Daigle, Michael-James Noonan*; in the boat: Gregori. *Those with asterisks are board members.

"The parade is a learning tool, it teaches the younger generation about their heritage. The parade belongs to citizens of this city, whether they be francophones, anglophones, or allophones. It can only enrich the culture of this city, and that can only be a good thing for the future," said Peter Farnell. The third edition of the parade starts at 1:30 p.m.