Historic return to tradition and original Canadian Forces designations

Photo: Marie White

From left to right is the Honourable Gilles Lamontagne, former Quebec City Mayor and WWII veteran of the Royal Canadian Air Force; the Honourable Steven Blaney, Minister of Veteran Affairs; Brigadier-General Simon Hébert, Deputy commander of the Land Force Quebec Area and Joint Task Force (East); Captain (Navy) Chris Dickinson, Deputy Commander of the Naval Reserve, and; Lieutenant-Colonel Stéphane Beauchemin, Deputy Commander of the 430 Tactical Helicopter Squadron.

In 1968, Pierre Trudeau’s government decided to change the official names of Canada’s air, land and naval forces and united them under one command, the Canadian Armed Forces. This August 16, Stephen Harper’s government restored the traditional names, “the Canadian Army,” “the Royal Canadian Air Force” and “the Royal Canadian Navy,” but maintained the central command.