French consulate and Collège Mérici share a Goût de France

Photo: Shirley Nadeau

Nicole Bilodeau, the director of Collège Mérici, and Laurence Haguenauer, the consul general of France in Quebec City, sign an agreement to blend the culinary skills of the college students with those of the chef of the consulate.

On the occasion of the fourth edition of Goût de France (named “Good France” in English to preserve the pun, although the name translates to “taste of France”), members of the press were invited to the residence of Laurence Haguenauer, the consul general of France in Quebec City, to witness the signing of a culinary agreement between the Consulat Général de France and Collège Mérici. The agreement was signed by Nicole Bilodeau, the director of the college, and the consul general. Also present was Antoine Préfontaine, the head of marketing and recruitment at the college.

Haguenauer explained that Goût de France is a fun global celebration which promotes the vitality of French cuisine, forging ties between more than 3,000 chefs around the world.

As a result of the newly-signed agreement, the head chef at the French consulate, Maxim Moreau, is now working closely with restaurant management and culinary students from Collége Mérici who in turn assist him with food preparation for large functions at the consulate.

The French consul is delighted to share the skills of her talented Québécois chef with the students of Collège Mérici. It is a win-win situation for both the consulate and the school: the students are learning techniques from a master chef while the chef has extra help with food preparation and service during large functions.

Chef Jean-Marc Boulet, a French chef and owner of the renowned Saint-Amour restaurant, is working closely with the initiative. Moreau, now the chef at the French consulate, is a former chef at the Saint-Amour. On the day of the press conference, students from Collège Mérici prepared some delicious hors d’oeuvres for the members of the media who were present. They were also assisting Moreau with preparations for a dinner party to be held at the consulate that evening.

A tour of the kitchen was given and journalists observed as Moreau instructed the students how to debone a rabbit, which would be part of the meal served that evening.

Three restaurants in Quebec are participating in the Goût de France this year: La Fenouillière and Chez Jules in Quebec City and Le Mouton Noir in Baie-Saint-Paul. The agreement ensures a delicious blend of two cultures.