English Literature: Alive and Well in Quebec City!

English Literature: Alive and Well in Quebec City!

Isabelle Soucy Chartier

English poetry, fiction novels, memoirs, and documentaries are blooming in the heart of Quebec City. Anglophone and bilingual authors are bountiful in our Quebec community, and this weekend, many of them rose to the surface to showcase their literary creations.

Two venues offered exposure opportunities for English-Canadian literature and authors during the weekend of April 13th to 17th. First, the Morrin Centre held a Writer’s Festival called ImagiNation, during which authors recited excerpts from their works and held discussions on a variety of topics, from culture, to hockey, to individual values, to name a few.

Also, La Maison Anglaise bookstore presented a plethora of local and international titles at their wonderfully located kiosk during the Salon international du livre de Québec book fair at the Convention Center, allowing the Francophone, Anglophone, and bilingual public of Quebec to familiarize themselves with the bookstore as well as meet local authors. As a gift, La Maison Anglaise offered a generous surprise rebate off in-store purchases. Don’t forget to use your rebate before April 30th!

Over the span of these few days, authors from around the province proudly shared their work: Linda Leith (Writing in the Time of Nationalism), Paul Kropp (The Crash), P. Joy Webster (Don’t Come Here Julie), Andrew Potter (The Authenticity Hoax), Claire Holden Rothman (The Heart Specialist), Ami Sands Brodoff (The White Space Between), Alexander MacLeod (Light Lifting), Sheree Fitch (There Were Monkeys in My Kitchen), Todd Denault (Jacques Plante: The Man who Changed the Face of Hockey and The Greatest Game), John Hart Witt (Visitations &Poems), Charles Mountford (Visitations & Poems), Maharaj Rabindranath (The Amazing Absorbing Boy), Vladan Matijevic (The Adventures of Accentievitch Minette), Nigel Thomas (Lives: Whole and Otherwise), and myself (Thoughts Gone Wrong).


Thank you to all who came out to these events, and to all of you who support local English literature. Special thank-yous to La Maison Anglaise and the Morrin Center for keeping English Litterature alive and striving in beautiful Quebec.