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  • Looking for Gagné - Tetreault Connection

    Looking for info on family. Ivan (as we called him) was born Joseph Ferdinand Jean-Paul Gagné in 1939, son of Antonio and Jeanne Marie Gagné, brother to Giselle (Guillemete) and Theresa (Walker). I know someone knows or is related to the family. Don't be shy, only looking for info, nothing more. He was a truck-driver, and briefly married to my aunt in Detroit. He was married previously before her, and we suspect married since. Just looking for answers. It has been over 40 years. Please help. There is a GOOD chance many will not know he was in the States and had a family here. If the family names look familiar, please contact me, and share with those that may help. THANK YOU!  cececohen@comcast.net  

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    Created on May 8, 2015 - 8:59am
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