The Daft Punk Tribute coming to Le Cercle on January 20

The electrifying beats of Daft Punk will soon be drifting through Quebec City as The Daft Punk Tribute will play at Le Cercle on Friday, January 20 at 9:00 pm. The eight-member group masters the hits of Daft Punk, only with trumpets, saxophones, and even a vocoder to master the bizarre vocals of the house music legends.
Since their inception, The Daft Punk Tribute has toured mostly University venues in Eastern Canada but expects to tour the East and West Coast coasts sometime this spring or summer.
"All original members met at Humber College. We started this band thinking that we would just perform one show. It was so well received we decided to run with it," says Nevin Dunn who plays tenor sax in The Daft Punk Tribute.
Daft Punk is an electronic duo Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter that became enormously popular in the late 1990s as part of the house music scene in France. Their album "Alive 2007" won a Grammy for Best Electronic/Dance Album and in 2010 they composed the score for the movie Tron: Legacy. They are known for strange, futuristic live acts where they might take to the stage in glowing robot costumes or silver spandex suits.
When asked what appeals to him so much about their music, enough to form a tribute group, Dunn replies, "Musicians can become very analytical. You start to analyze music when you play and when you arrange music, get caught up in that and forget that you need to enjoy it. Daft Punk totally takes over. You feel that good vibe you are supposed to feel."
He also explains that the duo is an important part of his generation's music - a generation relatively young in their mid-twenties. "It hits our age bracket when no one was old enough to be buying booze and saving money for CDs and tapes. This music rings true to a lot of people; people get excited because it is the closest thing to seeing Daft Punk. As you know, Daft Punk doesn't do a lot in Canada."
Dunn assures that the upcoming show will be high energy, non-stop fun. "We get a lot of Daft Punk fans and a lot of people who support live music. Both of those people are presently surprised with the way we reinvent Daft Punks' music. Everyone just kind of goes nuts."
Music lovers can see The Daft Punk Tribute on Friday, January 20, for $12.50 (general admission) at Le Cercle, 228 Rue St-Joseph Est.
(Photo: courtesy of The Daft Punk Tribute)
The Daft Punk Tribute: Joanna Mohammed - Vocals, Ryan Spratt - Vocoder/Lasers, Nevin Dunn - Tenor Sax and Vocals, James Ervin - Trumpet and EWI, Matt Giffin - Keyboard and Vocals, Mike Eckert - Guitar, Michael Carrillo - Drums, Liam Morin - Bass.