A crowded room for the Speech Contest of the Quebec City Toastmasters clubs.

The best investment you can make is in yourself.

March 2013 Contestantants by Bobby.JPG
Photo: By Bobby Fielding

 Contestants of the 2013 Toastmasters Speech Contests

On Friday March 21, 2013, the Impromptu Speech and the International Speech contests were organized by the English-language Toastmasters clubs of the Greater Quebec city area at the Pacini Quatre-Bourgeois restaurant. 

In the photograh, taken by Bobby Fielding, are the contestants. From left to right, Joelle Morazain (D'Estimauville), Renée Poulin (D'Estimauville), Line Laroche (D'Estimauville), Sandra Holman (Quest), Michel Filion (Quality Speakers FSA U Laval), Yves Germain (Quest), Ariane Larouche (Quality Speakers FSA U Laval) and Michel Boulianne (D'Estimauville).


For the International Speech Contest the winners were 1st Line Laroche, 2nd Renée Poulin, and 3rd Michel Fillion. For the Impromtu Speech Contest, Yves Germain was first, Sandra Holman second, and Joelle Morazain third.


It is amazing how the English-speaking Toastmasters clubs are rapidly growing in Quebec City. The first English-speaking club in the city was the Quest club, which meets on Friday mornings at Pacini Quatre-Bourgeois. The second English-speaking club to be created was the Viewpoint club which meets Wednesday nights in Beauport.


Last year, at the Faculté des sciences de l’adminitration on the Université Laval campus, the Quality Speakers FSA U Laval club was established and it meets on Monday nights. A few months later, the Tuesday noon club of D’Estimauville started meeting regularly.


All are welcome to visit these clubs for no charge to see how they can help to develop public speaking skills as well as leadership abilites. The best investment you can make is in yourself. Toastmasters International is a well-known non-profit organization that has been in existence since 1924.


For more information contact: Louis Philippe Allard (418-839-9393), Jean Racine (418-623-0452 or Bobby Fielding (418-683-5365) or visit www.toastmasters-quebec.com.