Cross- Canada cycling tour rides through Quebec City to raise awareness and funds for Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada

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Photo: Andrea Senyk

Andrea Senyk and Derek Zwambag from Southern Ontario are cycling 8000km across Canada to raise funds for Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada

Andrea Senyk and Derek Zwambag are on a mission to cross the country by bicycle, helping people in every community they touch to become aware of the 55,000 Canadians who are fighting brain tumours. The duo is raising $20,000 for Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada to help fund support, treatment and research for the disease — with each peddle of the 8000 kilometer challenge bringing the hope for a cure closer.

July 23-24, Andrea and Derek’s Miles 4 Minds journey came to Quebec City.

Inspired by their neighbor and paying tribute to a young firefighter’s memory.
The physical and mental challenge for Andrea and Derek on their cross-country ride draws on personal inspiration: they have two close friends from Highgate, Ontario who have dealt with brain tumours. Andrea’s 71 year-old neighbor Joan McFeggan has been fighting a tumour for ten years. “She’s gone through chemotherapy and suffered two strokes but she’s never given up,” says Andrea. “She’s a role model for us.”

The tour is also dedicated to the memory of firefighter Bob VanGoethem. The father of three children was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2006 and passed away last year at the age of 31. “Our whole community misses Bob so much,” says Derek. “He showed so much strength as a firefighter and as he fought his tumour. He gave so much to everyone around him and we want to honour him.”

“Brain tumours hit close to home for a lot of people across Canada,” says Andrea. “Most people know friends or family members who are affected. I was surprised to learn how many people are affected and that brain tumours affect all ages. This bike ride is an opportunity to help those that we care about and encourage everyone to fight back.”

The Miles 4 Minds journey began April 30 in Port Hardy, British Columbia. 8000 kilometers later Andrea and Derek will arrive in St. John’s, Newfoundland on July 9. It is the first cross-country awareness and fundraising effort that volunteers have taken on to support Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada.

“We’ve never done a physical challenge quite like this,” says Derek, “but it’s nothing compared to the fight we’ve watched people with brain tumours go through. Our bike ride is for them… we’re on the journey toward a cure.”


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