Congratulations to the A.S. Johnson Class of 2018

62018_AS johnson class.jpg
Photo: Shirley Anto

The Andrew Stuart Johnson Memorial High School Class of 2018 pose for a photo. Back row (standing): Kyla Vachon, James Leute, Joshua Custeau, William Côté, Dylan Gosselin, Michael Gagné and Graham Binette. Front row: Kassandra Smith, Emma Melanson, Sherry-Anne Drouin, Alyson Bergeron-Brochu, Teresa Larssen, Odile Nadeau, Myranda Talmadge, Casandra Vachon and Jessie-Leigh Vallée.

The Andrew Stuart Johnson Memorial High School graduation took place in Thetford Mines on June 16. The ceremony was held at the school and was followed by dinner and dancing at the Auberge Mi-Chemin. Students arrived in vehicles of all types, including a 1910 Ford.