Congratulations to the 2010 St. Pat’s Graduates


On June 4, 2010, it was time to bid farewell to St. Pat's graduates. Their time had finally come to spread their wings and look forward to the future. Faces beaming with pride and hopeful eyes took over the stage at the Palais Montcalm. Master of ceremonies, Francois Turgeon, welcomed the 2010 graduates as well as numerous friends, family, staff and school board members. Eric Chang, Salutatorian of 2010, delivered an unforgettable speech about their past five years spent together.

Stephen Pigeon, principal of St. Pat's, addressed the graduates with parting words, wishing them good luck in their bright future. Numerous awards and scholarships were well-received with endless smiles and cheers from classmates.

To end the ceremony on a high note, valedictorians Peiyin Zhang and James Morse reminisced about old times spent with friends and what the future holds for the class of 2010. Many inside jokes from over the years and teachers' famous words lead to chuckles and tears among the sea of green and white. The ceremony was a success and a special thank you goes to David Parker and his amazing jazz band that did a remarkable job throughout the ceremony with great music.

Congratulations St. Pat's Graduates of 2010! May you cherish all the memories of the past five years and create new ones on your journey to success. We are all proud of you and you will truly be missed.

The following are the 2010 St. Patrick's High School graduates:
James Albert, Emily B. Donovan, Sacha Beauchesne, Eric Beaupré Wilson, Louis Bond, Scott Briand, Maxime Brisson, Stéphanie Brushett, Loryane Bureau-Lamarre, Brandon Burke-Boivin, Shawn Cantin-Watson, Eric Chang, Marc-André Charland, Sophie Côté-Gravel.
Michael Dacres, Sabrina Daessle, Jessica Daurio, Anthony D'Autane-Galiazzo, Andréanne Deschênes, Maxine Dorval, Tommy Drolet, Clarence Drolet-French, Carol-Ann Dumont, Dale Fecteau-Morin, Marc-Antoine Ferland.

Catherine Gagné, Mickaël Gagnon, Myriam Gaudreault, Dominique Gilbert, Mélanie Gilbert, Jinny Gingras Tremblay, André Giroux, Emily Giroux, Edward Gosselin, Alexandra Gosselin Kitzanuk, Alexandra Guay, Keven Guay.

Sandy Jarvis-Guillemette, Félix Kilganon-Fortier, Marc Lachance, Charlotte Lafleur, Elodie Lague, Patricia Lalonde, Alexandra Laroche, Marc-André Larose, Élisabeth Larouche, Maeve Lawson, Valérie Le Moyne, Christopher Lessard, Joanie Levesque, Justin Lévesque.
Laila Mandour, Kerry Ann Marcotte, Yannick Marek, Naomie Mac Intyre, Clara Meloche, Eva Moreau, Michael Morin, James Morse, Frédéric Nadeau, Mélissa Noël, Stephane Noël Lehoux, Bianca Nolin,Matthew Nowak, Francis O'Brien, James O'Connell, Jonathan Ouellet.

Francis Page, Alexandre Painchau-O`Dowd, Kayleigh Paquin, Phillippe Parent, Marianne Pelletier, Jessey-Anne Penney, Michael Pickford, Elizabeth Pitt, Claudi Poirier, Maxime Renaud, Timothy Robinson- Trudel, Shawnn Ross-Vachon, Bryan Rousseau, Marie-Christine Roussel-Gray, Marianne Roy, Justin Royer.

Rachel Saint Amand, Stephany Scallen, Gregory Sirois Cowles, Shannon Small-Després, Tammara Small-Després, Émilie Steprans, Olivia Tessier, David Therrien Gagnon, Marie Thibault, Daphnée Tremblay, Boris Trudel, Tammy Valis, Antoine Vallée, Nicolas Vallée Hardin, Elizabeth White, Alexandre Young- Bourret, Peiyin Zhang, Daniel Georgita.