Confessions of an Intern - Week 2 (Final)

These are my final two days of my first internship, my last two days at the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph.

This Thursday morning, I was supposed to get started on advertisement
recruitment for the paper’s summer project. Of course a promo-sheet
will never be good enough, so we (Ron and I) had to wait for George to
play around with iDesign to adjust the imperfections.
So long old
software for basic needs that did everything! Now the software is so
powerful and specific, a whole collection suite has to be bought to do
a simple task! Good ol’ technology! It’s like a bureaucracy but with
computers: it starts with one application doing one thing to a

document, then you have to transfer the document to another application to do
something else to it, then you save it in the wrong format so that the next
application does not open it, then it gets lost in the accumulation of
information, waiting for a person with the right training to take care
of it. When the person comes along to fix it, he decides that it is the
other technician’s job, and so on and so forth.

Nobody had anything for me to do, so I spent part Thursday morning
looking at the mini-busses filled with seniors drive by my office
window to the Jeffery Hale Hospital. I got the job to create a little
document for Ron concerning the Promo-Sheet. I got that done pretty
quickly; I was then told to post some invoices, but got interrupted.

Final day

My last day at the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph has arrived! Two weeks
went by faster than I thought it would. As the sun begins to peer more
and more into my office window, the more anxious I get to the summer
and social freedom! After participating in the organizational process
of the summer employment project, I will be participating in the
fulfilling of it also!

As I nervously waited for my Intern Evaluation, I typed out this blog!
The day started of slowly for me, I filled out school documents in
regards to my activities here at the QCT, wrote up some parts of my
final internship report, etc. As my final project, I must write up a
list of all major high schools in the region in order to get more
visibility for the summer job offer.

It was early enough when Mr. Little handed my evaluation back. I must
say, I am not displeased with the result! It seems to be a good
overall. Of course, I’m smart enough to say that I will definitely not
tell you about the results! This is my final official post as Intern
for the QCT. Mr. Little has mentioned that he is willing to offer more
internships in the future, so keep coming back to see more Interns like
myself posting Confessions! I will keep posting random blogs on my
reactions on some points, so keep reading!

To finish, I would simply like to show all my most sincere thanks to
the entire gang from the QCT, most particularly to Mr. Pierre Little
for showing me not only what it takes to have a successful business,
but how to be successful as a person, and for showing me a way to get
to know myself better, and of course Mrs. Doris Fritschmann, who helped
me immensely over the past two weeks in feeling part of the game,
showing me different aspects of her job, and for giving me that smile
and motivation to be better at anything I would undertake; many thanks
to George for the insider info on layouts and Romanian culture, to
Jordan for letting me use his computer when he was out and on the
support of the English language, to Michele, who left after only 3 days
of my arrival, for showing me that news can be an interesting thing to
prepare, to Ron for the projects that showed me the marketing
side of things, and to Scott French, the new journalist, for surprising
me with your English-speaking, France-French accent that made me smile
the first time I heard it—I hope you have a great time with the QCT! Thanks to all the readers also! 

Until next time, Happy reading,

Andrew MacLean, Intern - Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph