Confessions of an Intern - Week 2 (1)

My last week here has begun. It’s sort of disappointing to have to leave so quickly, but I guess things must go as they are!

In my quest for knowledge here at the QCT, I have learned more about
myself than at any other point in time. I have taken the time I needed
to reflect on what was going on, to observe how people act and react in
the presence of pressure situations, etc.

On my sixth day here at the Chronicle, my professor who told me about
Mr. Little came to see me on his way to visits he had to make for his
internship students. It was nice to me Mr. Bleau before the summertime!
Following that, my own coordinator came in to speak with me. I spoke of
my tasks, my duties, my blog, and anything related to my work here at

the QCT. I got news that others were not having as much of a good time
at their internships than I was. I felt bad for them since some were
friends of mine.

For the rest of the day I was given a notice of a future project I will
have to complete before the end of my time here. I must come up with a
control sheet for the job project. At least I know I’ll have more work
on Thursday and Friday!

On Tuesday, I started off my day buy running a couple errands for Mr.
Little. I bought a cake for George and Scott’s (the new journalist)
birthdays, some drinks and cookies, etc. I guess that was in the job
description! I would like to mention something about the stress level
on Tuesday. It seemed to be a lot less pleasant than last week. There
was a lot to do—for the others—and there was a lot of running around.
Tempers did not flare and there was no yelling or anything, but it
smelt like teen spirit—I mean pressure, sorry! I continued on with my
search for employees for the summer job offer. It is not that simple to
find candidates for employment!

I helped out again in phoning clients and doing accounting. The work is
somewhat repetitive, but I figure its only normal since it’s a
newspaper. Today is Wednesday—a.k.a. down day—and that is pretty much
it… I helped out Doris with some headache accounting, looked for extra
places to post the job offer for the paper, and I waited until I was
told what to do!

Happy Reading!

Andrew MacLean, Intern - Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph


Great job on the blog.  As an old-school print media lover, this is fun to read about your internship and all that goes on behind the scenes of a weekly newspaper.

Keep it up!

Dave Rouleau

Thanks for the support! It is very unusual for me to write so much, it is nice to see that I might actually be doing a good job!

 Thank you!