Confessions of an Intern - The Introduction

DSCF0001.jpgMy name is Andrew W. MacLean, known to most as "Andy Mac". Unlike some people in my surroundings, I lead a very busy life, juggling with the classical chorus of school, work, girlfriend and social life as well as the not so normal things like managing a band and a small recording studio. For the curious people out there, I play the lead guitar for a band called Hopeful*Sixteen ( I go to Champlain - St. Lawrence College in Ste-Foy, Quebec studying Business Administration going into my third and final year. So far, so good!

Just to start you all off, this blog will allow me to present the life of an English Canadian living, studying and working in a French environment. I will tell tales of my adventure within the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph, share my opinions on media life and the general direction of the younger part of my generation in regards to mass media (TV, News, culture) and their response to the given information.

The Internship & Interview

In order to complete my second year of my program, I had to complete the first of two internships. Two weeks in training in a business in a position relating to Business Administration in any form. Easy enough I said... So I took off! Searching for the perfect internship, I had many refusals. I contacted half of the country looking for a position (figure of speech, of course). I wouldn't settle for the smallest, I had to have it all! The typical know-it-all college student attitude.

Since I didn't know where to turn when my deadline was coming up, one of my professors told me about a particular English newspaper looking for somebody to help out for a while. I eagerly sent out an email seeking more information and, lo and behold, a positive response! I met with Mr. Pierre Little, Publisher for the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph newspaper, on April 24, 2008 to discuss the possibility of taking me in as an intern.

There I was, an hour early, freezing in my little suit outside waiting for my 2:00 pm appointment. I walked in feeling uneasy until the Receptionist/Secretary/Accountant/Etc. Doris Fritschmann made me feel comfortable. Quite frankly, I was very nervous speaking with Mr. Little. I am normally very comfortable speaking to people, but this time it was different. To make a long story short, after discussing on my goals in life and my definition of success, he said he would take me in for two weeks
as his shadow! I felt both relieved and anxious to the news. Who knew what kind of things I would have to do. Then came the weeklong wait until that Monday, May 5 at 9:00am…
(To be continued…)

That was my leading up to the internship.
Soon to come in my Confessions is my first couple days within the walls of the

Andrew MacLean, Intern, Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph