Community Christmas Hamper Campaign is “all about giving”

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Photo: Annabelle Cloutier

Members of the 2014 Community Christmas Hamper Campaign at a recent planning session: (front row) Annie Gilbert, Kay Bergeron, Lindsay Jarjour, Jan Anderson, Amy Bilodeau, Jessica Kelly-Rhéaume and Heather McRae; (back row) Rev. Katherine Burgess, Mary Thaler, Paul Wilson, Hugh Fraser, Shirley Nadeau, Julia Page and Robert Kearney.

As the wind brings us memories of its winter bite and the goblins and ghosts are put to rest for another year, we anticipate the joy of the holiday season and the generosity of those who give time, energy, food and money to the annual Community Christmas Hamper Campaign.

For the nineteenth year, the community has gotten together to help less fortunate families put their burdens aside during the holiday season. This group effort involves a minimum of 25 organizations - from the local grocer to the box supplier, to Canada Post, to schools, scouts and guides to .... And we are grateful to you all!

Give food

In 2013, over 230 families were recipients of your generosity and the need still exists in 2014. We are asking the community once again to give to this effort. At your churches, schools, community events and other activities, you will notice brown paper grocery bags waiting to be filled with canned foods, pasta and dried goods, which will be added to the fresh vegetables, meat and other goods provided by your monetary donations. A number of collection points will be indicated to you in the coming days and weeks. In order for the community to continue this wonderful reflection of our collective giving spirit, we need you and your contributions.

Give money

Our fundraising goal is $25,000. If you give a donation of $10 or more, you will receive a receipt for tax purposes. Behind each receipt will be a big smile of appreciation. Cheques should be made out to the Community Christmas Hamper Campaign and mailed to 2000-1250, chemin Sainte-Foy, Quebec City, Quebec, G1S 2M6. This year for the first time you can donate online at . Search for "Jeffery Hale Community Partners" and select "Community Christmas Hamper Campaign."

Give your time and energy

From December 18 to 20 we need volunteers to load and unload non-perishable donations, sort through donated goods, prepare purchased goods for packing and filling hampers (boxes) for delivery. We also need your time, energy, muscles and vehicles in order to make the deliveries on the morning of Saturday, December 20.

If you are able to help and wish to bring warmth to a family on a cold winter's day, please call volunteers coordinator Amy Bilodeau at 418 684-5333, extension 1550. We also invite you to check out our Facebook page: . Be sure to "like" us and follow the campaign!
My friend Rev. Katherine Burgess said it best: the holiday season "is all about giving and this is one of the best ways to share what you have with others who have less."

Check us out at our Facebook page at Quebec City Community Christmas Hamper Campaign.

This article is submitted on behalf of all the members of the 2014 Community Christmas Hamper Campaign Organizing Committee: Jan Anderson, Kay Bergeron, Amy Bilodeau, Rev. Katherine Burgess, David Blinco, William Courteau, Bill Donnelly, Susan Doucet, Chantal Dubois, Susie Faguy, Hugh Fraser, Annie Gilbert, Paul Hinton, Lindsay Jarjour, Jean-Sébastien Jolin Gignac, Robert Kearney, Jessica Kelly-Rhéaume, Andrée Lemieux, Johanne McCalla, Heather McRae, Shirley Nadeau, Julia Page, Julie Slattery, Ed Sweeney, Mary Thaler, Elizabeth Thomas, Derek White, and Paul Wilson.