Coldplay Experience

Dreams became reality, Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto concert made more accessible than ever!

Photo: Samuel Dutil

On Friday
March 14th
, the diffusion of the latest
by Coldplay took place at CEGEP-Champlain
St. Lawrence
. Make no mistake, the 4
communications students in charge made sure the experience was more immersive
than a simple projection
. To name a few of
the particularities, e
arly birds were rewarded with custom LED foam sticks, professional lighting was used along with a variety of
other technical equipment
. The particular
atmosphere was that of an underground spectacle, specially designed for fans to
relive the experience of the live show.
Creativeaudio-visuals and
special decorum
allowed for a very memorable setup.

A distinguished acknowledgement goes out to all the sponsors, whose
collaboration has been crucial
for the
success of the
event. A special appreciationis brought to WKND Radio for their support and willingness to collaborate, as well as Le CLAP for their contribution.

Ultimately, the show could not have been the same withoutthe people who got involved in the conception and
production, as well as the ones
that took the time to set up the
room to create a bold UN!K experience!