Champlain St. Lawrence Job Fair

A Meeting between the Working Environment and the Studies

Photo: Simon Antonuk and Pascale Lafrenière, Champlain St. Lawrence Students

Industial Alliance representatives with members of the organizational group


On April 11, Champlain St. Lawrence Cegep welcomed numerous companies in order to
create an amazing opportunity for students and corporation to learn about what each
other has to offer. The eight employers that were there such as Industrial
Alliance, Croisière AML, Fairmont,
Tours Ludovica, Les Ateliers de Conversations Anglaises, Village Vacances Valcartier, Cité Joie and the Canadian Forces showed interest in offering summer jobs, part-time jobs and full-time jobs for the bilingual students of the Cegep. 
On the other side, many students appreciated the opportunity of learning
about great jobs that maybe they haven’t thought about before in numerous field
of industry from the financial world to outdoor activities. With
over 75 students that came to the different stands, the event can definitely be
considered a great success. The Cegep and the students group responsible of the
project would like to thank all of their guests and sincerely hope such an
event will be held in the future because of the advantages it gives to both
students and organizations.