Candles for sale! 60th Winter Carnival Candle Campaign underway

candles for sale.jpg
Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

Duchess of Beauport Jeanne Cinq, Duchess of Charlesbourg Samantha-Kim Cantin, Duchess of La Cité-Limoilou Marie Turcotte, Duchess of La Haute-Saint-Charles Vanessa Tremblay, member of the board of directors of the Carnival Charlyne Ratté, Bonhomme Carnaval, deputy mayor Michelle Morin-Doyle, Duchess of Les Rivières Marilyn Bariault, Duchess of Sainte-Foy-Sillery-Cap Rouge Marie-Ève Sévigny, and Duchess of Lévis Dominique Doucette launched the 60th Candle Campaign of the Winter Carnival.

The seven Duchesses of the 64th Winter Carnival have been in full campaign mode. For the past few weeks, they have sold a record number of candles, even before the campaign’s official launch on Jan. 12.