Bruce Hicks wins the Moe Rosenhek Award

Bruce Hicks has been named winner of the Moe Rosenhek Award for his outstanding contribution to volunteerism within Québec's English-speaking community.

Hicks has been actively involved for many years with many community foundations. Hicks is currently belongs to the Board of the Jeffery Hale Community Partners, member of the Board of the Jeffery Hale Foundation, the Citadel Foundation and the Board of Governors of the Jeffery Hale Hospital Corporation and is an active volunteer with Jeffery Hale-St Brigid's Christmas Hamper campaign.

Over the years, he has been a member of the Board of the Quebec Ladies Home Foundation and President of the Jeffery Hale Foundation. He has also served with the following organizations: Board and Vice President of the Voice of English Speaking Quebec, the Board of J.H. Memorial Foundation, the Board of the Jeffery Hale Hospital and the Board of Saint Brigid's Home.

Hicks follows in Rosenhek's footsteps as a tireless volunteer, dedicating his life to helping others. Each year the award is given to an individual who lives up to Rosenhek's example.

Hicks and his wife Gail, who have been active members of the community, will be leaving Quebec to be closer to their family.

The award was created in 1999 as a way commemorating Rosenhek's contributions to the English-speaking community of the Greater Quebec City region and to pay homage to his family. This award recognizes the exemplary volunteerism of an individual in our community. The recipient of the award is presented with a plaque and the Citadel Foundation, through the Moe Rosenhek Fund, contributes to the charity of the recipient's choice.

Rosenhek was a founding member of the Voice of English-speaking Quebec's Board of Directors, on which he served until his death in 1997. Throughout his lifetime, his volunteer contributions to the English-speaking community, organizations and institutions were extensive.

In addition to his devotion to the Voice of English-speaking Québec, he was also very active with other organizations including the Beth Israel Ohev Sholem Synagogue, Greater Québec School Board, Holland Centre, Fifty Plus Club, Citadel Foundation, Missions to Seamen, and St. Brigid's Home.

In 1998, VEQ Foundation created a special fund for the Moe Rosenhek Volunteer Award. In 2004, the Citadel Foundation assumed responsibility for this award. Donations to this fund are earmarked specifically for the award.

The capital is invested and the interest is used annually for the Moe Rosenhek Award. Recipients of the award are presented with a plaque commemorating their contributions to the community and the Citadel Foundation makes a donation to the recipient's choice of a charity.

Moe Rosenhek Award Recipients

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Bruce Hicks