Being a Relevant Newspaper

I have recently renewed my subscription to the QCT and am wondering if my motivation in doing so was only to support a community organization because I do globally question what I obtain from the paper.

A week or so ago, I was reading The Spec from the Gaspé, and couldn't help but notice the difference between it and the QCT. The Spec treats social, political, and economic issues like any newspaper in goes way beyond the safe well-trodden path.

Fundamentally, I find that the QCT does not deal in any substantive way with the broad issues of the whole Quebec City community, but focuses to a large extent on the social aspect of the English speaking community, and even then does not examine that aspect in any kind of in-depth manner. For example, I believe that there needs to be a serious look given to English secondary education in the Québec City region, beyond the "ping pong" series of letters that went back and forth last year regarding the ongoing unresolved situation with QHS and St. Pat's.

Our newspaper needs to take a look at the question from a non-partisan point of view, defining the problem and asking the very hard questions that need to be asked, especially talking to people other than "the usual suspects."

As regards to the larger community, there are issues that concern us all i.e. immigration, social housing, the economic development of the city.

The QCT needs to get relevant.

I welcome your comments and concerns for the Chronicle-Telegraph. We are committed to making it better. Without contributions like this, we never know if we are on the right track.

I want to assure you that your comments are noted and will strive to achieve better editorial focus to satisfy our readers.


As a french speaking person, I can tell that the CT isn't interesting at all for us. I mean, can you be a little interesting? I know that you try to focus on your community but I think that you should talk about every apects in Quebec City instead of talking about the little community. I agree with the fact that there is english persons in town but please don't close your circle. We ARE a big community all together. If something huge happens in your community, I can assure that Le Soleil is going to talk about it. They will not ignore it just because it's in the ''english'' community. Come ONNNN!

I LOVE YOU ALL! Laughing


Nic and Tony!