Attention Advertisers: New Chronicle-Telegraph Distribution

Great news for Advertisers and our Readers!!!

In response to the many inquiries over the past several years about the lack of overall newsstand locations where each weekly edition of the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph is distributed and available for purchase, the QCT has entered into an agreement with a major distribution company to address this demand.

This agreement which came into effect during November of 2007, was a direct result of those inquiries. In addition to the current paid annual subscribers who receive our newspaper each week and our online digital version subscribers, individual weekly copies may also be purchased at over 80 new newsstand locations around Quebec City.

Furthermore, since the response in sales of individual weekly newsstand copies has been very positive at each of these new locations, we are now considering the possibility of increasing the number of overall newsstand locations where the Chronicle-Telegraph will also be sold.

If you wish to see the list of NEW locations, click on the link under " Editor's Picks " . Or, contact our office if you simply want to know where the nearest location is to you. We will gladly point you in the right direction!