And Toupie too will live happily ever after!

Photo: Source: Lauraine Gagnon

The riskiest to sedate and transport, thirty-year-old Toupie survived the three-hour trip to her new homes and is adapting well. 

The happy ending to the story of Quebec City's three former zoo bears is finally complete. Toupie arrived safely at the Zoo de Saint-Félicien on November 9. The 30-year-old female Kodiak now lives in a naturalistic habitat beside the grizzlies Mary and Cody, who arrived one week earlier. It was a risky process to transport the three bears, especially during the hibernation period. It was especially risky for Toupie, being the oldest, partly-blind and particularly timid."Toupie was sedated for the trip as planned, and all went well," confirmed Lauraine Gagnon, Director of the Zoo de Saint-Félicien, the day after. To everyone's surprise, timid Toupie exited her transportation cage soon after arriving. "She has surprised us all," commented a relieved Gagnon. "She explored her new habitat, looked at her cave and ate some food. Cécile, her former Quebec City zoo keeper, is both amazed and well pleased." Gagnon is inviting the public to see the bears before they sleep through their first Saguenay winter. And so the chapter finally closes with all three of Quebec City's former zoo bears living happily ever after in their new home.