2010’s first lightning storm across Québec


This May 26 early morning photo of Québec’s first 2010 lightning storm, named in honour of Lena Horne who died last week, arrives courtesy of Jay Ouellett. Horne was famous for her version of the song “Stormy Weather.” This lightning lasted well over five hours, non-stop. This photo was taken from Sillery, overlooking the chapel at Montmartre. Ouellett said that, as always, things didn’t go quite as smoothly as planned. “At 8h30,” he said via email, “I went on the roof of my apartment where I had a clear view of Old Quebec. I patiently had my finger glued to the shutter, ready to catch the ‘big one.’ Lightning was all around me. Everywhere. Non-stop. But not where I was pointing. Murphy’s Law. Or sometimes we hope too much or try too hard. “The good news: I was not electrocuted. After 30 minutes, I was totally soaked, but that ‘dancing-in-the-rain’ feeling felt really good, and my camera and lens still work. Those $1 Dollarama lighters really work in the rain. My cigs don’t. “I went down to my third floor balcony and got this shot in the opposite direction only minutes later with no effort.